Sporting awarded Budweiser Grant.

Posted Rob M (rob) on Nov 09 2013
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Some months ago the board of Bromsgrove Sporting generated a club development 

plan highlighting what needs to be done to get to get the Victoria Ground into a position where it is sustainable for use as a football stadium. These plans included upgrading insulation in all area's, lower running cost showers, lower running cost heating in the bar and more imprtantly new floodlights which would be more manageable in terms of maintenance and spare parts. The plan also highlighted areas where surface water can be captured and used for irrigation and flushing of toilets reducing general consumption at the ground and reducing our impact on the environment.


The plan was refined with the help of the local and regional FA officers and submitted to various bodies to see if funding was available. On Friday 8th November we were informed that Budweiser Club Futures had selected Bromsgrove Sporting as the West Midlands Regional Winner and funding of £50,000 has been awarded to the club enabling it to implement the plan and make Bromsgrove Sporting FC and the Victoria Ground sustainable for current and future generations of Bromsgrove football fans.


There is a second award available to the national winner of this funding stream. This is awarded after a vote on Facebook where a video made by each regional winner is posted and voted on. The club with the most votes gets and additional £100,000 to spend on the ground.


The money awarded must be spent in accordance to football foundation guide lines and can be used in conjunction with "matched funding streams" with the FA or Sport England schemes to get the most out of this award.


Great news for the Stadium, The club and the future generations of football fans who come to the Victoria ground to watch football.


The club would like to take this opportunity to thank Budweiser for creating this scheme and their efforts in helping clubs at the grass roots level of our sport. With all the money in football today, a relatively modest sum (in relation to figures read on a daily basis regarding top level clubs), makes a huge difference to a club like Sporting.


More info on the grant & the next stage can be found


The Board of Bromsgrove Sporting FC.